When we are young, we allow our imaginations to run riot as we play. As we grow older, we become restricted by rules and are forced to conform.

For me, the Toy Soldier is a reminder to have fun and use my imagination. Of course, there are rules every brewer must follow, but as we play in the brewery, the possibilities are only limited by my creativity.


Life is short.

Beer is fun.

Enjoy every drop of both.


The seed of entering the beer industry was sewn in the mid 2000's while "road trippin' with my 2 favourite allies" through Victoria. A few micro-breweries had popped up and we were enjoying the new taste experience.

Much water has passed under that bridge and none of it had watered the seed.

In 2017 a TAFE Microbrewing course was undertaken, business name registered and Producers License obtained.

A few home brews with minor tweaks and the recipe for the GALAXY+ ALE was born.

In 2018, we approached BIG SHED BREWING CONCERN P/L at Royal Park in South Australia, to contract brew our first beer. In June of that year the first batch was laid.

The TOY SOLDIER BREWING Co. was alive and launched at Adelaide BEER & BBQ.